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DIESEL RAIDER - 4 minutes ago
i don’t think the bugs have enough amo to trade up
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DustInTheWind - 13 minutes ago
I see that.
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Corleone - 22 minutes ago
Yea, had to learn what I was doing before nailing it down.
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Evil Empire - 34 minutes ago
I just made a post about that Dust.
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Raider88Nation - 46 minutes ago
Corleone, Countdown keeps improving day by day, I like it
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Corleone - 47 minutes ago
doubt it, doesn’t make sense the kid looked decent last year
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DustInTheWind - 49 minutes ago
Multiple reports today that #Buccaneers are seriously considering QB at No. 7. Only have 3 picks in the Top 140.
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Evil Empire - 56 minutes ago
You’ve got to catch this special, it’s mesmerizing.
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Raider88Nation - Today, 7:11 pm
not watching it but that’s pretty sweet haha, that place must have been rockin’ back with the bad boys teams...i was there a couple years ago when the team I was working for played the Pistons and it was nearly empty in there...almost seemed sad with all the championship banners they had up
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Evil Empire - Today, 6:23 pm
Please tell me you guys are watching the Pistons 30 for 30!! They just showed how they received a package of Raiders gear in their locker room!!!!! *Tuck Ruling* made me proud.
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